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Fountain Pond State Park Great Barrington, MA

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Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Main Attractions: 

Pond, picnic, forest, wetlands

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Fountain Pond State Park Start at Berkshire South Regional Community Center parking lot. There?s a kiosk and trailhead toward the treeline that leads up a series of stone steps. The first pine forest hides a ropes course owned and operated by Berkshire South Regional Community Center?be sure to ask permission before using any of their equipment.

The first bit is the most difficult, climbing around 300 feet of dominant undergrowth such as vines and shrubs. It levels out into rocky outcroppings and small wetlands, the forest types varying in tow with the invasive species. Boardwalks and bridges make the occasional patches of mud or wetland a nonissue and you can find several species of mushroom and wildflower from the relative comfort of elevated walking. A double-bough bridge marks the halfway point. From there enjoy the relatively flat path through tall hardwoods and occasional eastern hemlock forest.

Wandering to the end of the trail is greatly rewarding. The views of Fountain Pond are terrific, even from Route 7, but to actually enter the woods and see it as it once was, devoid of the human impact, that is, save the trail, is nothing short of inspiring. Great for birding, wildlife viewing, and even picnicking, if the trail from Berkshire South is too long (about 2 miles) then use the trailhead along route seven to skip to the best part.

If you?d care to go on a group hike then check out Berkshire Natural Resources Council?s website (www.bnrc.net) or their event calendar. Similarly check out www.gbtrails.org and/or www.gbtrails.org/events1.html

Directions: From the center of Great Barrington head north on Route 7, take a right onto Crissey Rd, and drive to the end for parking at Berkshire South Regional Community Center. The fountain pond trailhead is about a half a mile north on Route 7.
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