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The Night Sky - look up into the heavens and make your own discoveries!

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aaa.org - Amatuer Astronomers

science.nasa.gov - Space news

jackstargazer.com - Fun and interesting astronomy website

Wesleyan University Observatory

Central CT U. Observatory

Western CT U. Observatory

Litchfield Hills Amateur Astronomy Club

The Westport Astronomical Society

The Astronomical Society of New Haven

Westchester Amatuer Astronomers

Amherst Astronomy Association

Thames Amateur Astronomical Society Club

Amatuer Astronomers Association of New York

Springfield Stars Club
Springfield, MA

Aldrich Astronomical
Paxton, MA

Astronomical Association

Rockland County Astronomy

Solar Star Party!

Massachusetts These local amateur astronomy clubs welcome new members or folks who just want to stop by and have a look at the night sky. Take advantage of these gatherings and the public observatories and do something totally unique! (If you don't see your club or group listed here and would like us to add it, email berkshirehiking@yahoo.com and we'll put your link here.

John J. McCarthy Observatory
New Milford, CT
The Rolnick Observatory
Westport Astronomical Society

Stamford Observatory
Stamford, CT

Boothe Memorial Astronomy
Stratford, CT

Astronomical Society of Greenwich
Greenwich, CT

Bethany Observatory
Astronomical Society of New Haven

Thames Amateur Astronomical Society Club

Western Connecticut Telescopes

Arunah Hill Nature Center
Cummington, MA

Amateur Telescope Makers Boston
Boston, MA

You don't have to be a serious stargazer or scientist to enjoy the amazing world of astronomy. There's plenty of nights to watch TV or go out on the town. Consider something different for a change of pace. Stop by some night and see what's up there!

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