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Huntington State Park

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Difficulty: Easy or Moderate

Main Attractions: Excellent trail system, woodlands, open fields, large ponds, bogs, birdwatching.

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Huntington State Park borders the towns of Bethel, Newtown, and Redding and is a great place to get some fresh air. There is an extensive trail system that reaches out to all ends of the park and the nooks and crannies in between. Hikers will share the well maintained footpaths with joggers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. And you'll definitely see your fair share of people with their dogs as this is a perfect place for the family pooch to get some exercise.

As mentioned, the trail system is extremely well maintained but there are rocky portions of the trail so watch your footing in these areas. Also, although the trail map indicates a color coded trail system, the trails are not clearly marked and it is easy to get disoriented at times. The best thing to do is to grab a free trail map at the main entrance and bring that with you. (Although the map could be much better than it is by having the standard "You are here" stamped on it at the main entrance.) The trail system itself is really simple...an outer loop with sub trails branching off the main outer loop.

If you're looking for a nice long hike, follow the trail that heads off to the left and out into the open fields. The fields are great to walk through and there aren't many like this available to the public. Keep baring to your left when given a choice and this trail will take you around a giant loop that circles Huntington State Park. If you get tired or want to change your route once you are a good distance into the hike, take one of the side trails (which would be a right hand turn). Along your hike you'll get some nice views, woodlands, ponds with plenty of wildlife activity...although sometimes this requires a good eye or some patience. But the area is home to a lot birds, hawks, owls, frogs, fish, beaver, deer, and many of the typical wildlife that thrive in the suburban areas in Fairfield County so it shouldn't be too hard to see something interesting while at Huntington. If you go at the crack of dawn or at dusk as night falls, there's a chance that you might see a fox or coyote. Huntington is a great place for families or solo hikers and you'll certainly feel refreshed after a hike through this park. Visit the official website for updated information.

Directions: If you're local and familiar with greater Danbury area go to the Rt. 302 and Rt. 58 intersection near Bethel High School.  Go south on 58 towards Redding for 1.5 miles.  Take a left onto Sunset Hill Rd. Follow Sunset Hill for 2.3 miles and the entrance to Huntington is on your left.

If you're not familiar with the greater Danbury area the best thing to do is to go to map search website and get directions for Main Street, Bethel, CT.  Main Street in Bethel is also Route 302.  Go east on 302 and follow it out of the main downtown area and until 302 comes to the intersection of Route 58. Take a right on 58 and head down for 1.5 miles.  Take a left onto Sunset Hill Rd. Follow Sunset Hill for 2.3 miles and the entrance to Huntington is on your left.

Tom Ebersold sent these additional driving directions to Berkshire Hiking in January 2006.

From I-84: Take Exit 5 and follow Rt. 53 south for 3.4 miles. Then take Rt. 302 East for 1.6 miles. At Rt. 58, follow Rt. 58 South for 1.5 miles. Take a left onto Sunset Hill Rd. Follow Sunset Hill for 2.3 miles and the entrance to Huntington is on your left.

From the Merritt Parkway Northbound: Take Exit 42 and follow Rt. 136 North for 5.2 miles. Then follow Rt. 58 North for 7 miles, then take a right onto Sunset Hill Rd. Huntington is 0.8 miles on the right.

From the Merritt Parkway. Southbound: Take Exit 44 and follow Rt. 58 North for 10.5 miles. Right onto Sunset Hill Rd. The park is 0.8 miles on the right.

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