"In the woods is perpetual youth" - Emerson

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Ersbacher Preserve - Roxbury, CT.

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Difficulty: Easy or Moderate

Main attractions: Nice Shepaug River walks, woodlands, open fields, footbridge over the river, fishing.

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Ersbacher Preserve is located in Roxbury, CT and is a wonderful place to go and get away from it all. The preserve consists of a parcel of land donated by the Erbacher Family as a place to relax and take in some fresh air. The neat thing about Erbacher is you have to walk through another preserve just to get to it. There are no roads accessing the preserve. River Road Preserve, located off of River Road, has a Roxbury residents-only swimming hole and blue trail loop that you'll need to hike on in order to access Ersbacher Preserve. At the farthest point of River Road trail is a footbridge over the Shepaug River. Cross this bridge to access the entrance to Ersbacher. Before heading over the bridge read the map and information board to familiarize yourself with the Ersbacher trail system and get any updates on the preserve.

After heading over the footbridge take a left onto the trail as it follows an old dirt utility road. To your right will be thick woodlands and on your left you'll see boggy areas and open fields at various spots along the trail. After a good distance down the utility road path, the trail turns right and heads into the woods (just keep an eye to the right as you walk down the path as it would be easy to miss this right turn and just keep walking on the old dirt utility road. Look for the small blue markers with metal icons of a hiker in them). The trail proceeds farther into the woods for an extremely peaceful experience. A short distance later as the trail dips down for a brief time there is a side trail into some great open fields. In summertime these fields are loaded with tall grasses, wildflowers, butterflies, and birds along with a wide range of interesting insect life. It's a good place to take a break before proceeding on with the rest of your hike. Shortly after the open field excursions the trail rises up again to the right. You'll be presented with a choice of going right or straight. You need to go right and follow the trail as it continues through the woods and eventually back down to the dirt utility road part of the trail where you began. When you get back to the utility road take a left and head back to the footbridge. Go back over the footbridge and go to the left as the river trail will take you back to your car at the parking lot of River Road Preserve.

Directions:The directions we're giving assume that you'll get to Roxbury using Route 67 west/south direction.

Follow Route 67 via Brookfield/Bridgewater/New Milford way and over the Roxbury town line. Shortly after the town line sign 67 curves sharply to the left. A short distance later you'll see a small bridge spanning the Shepaug River. Take a right here onto Weller's Bridge Road. A few hundred yards up Weller's Bridge Road is River Road which becomes part dirt road. Take a right onto River Road and the River Road Preserve parking lot will be on your right a few tenths of a mile up the dirt road

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