"In the woods is perpetual youth" - Emerson

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Pond Mountain

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Difficulty: Easy or Moderate

Main Attractions: Beautiful pond setting, peace and quiet, dense forest growth, trail loop surrounding pond.

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Pond Mountain in Kent, CT is a unique spot nestled in some hills between the Skiff Mt. area and Macedonia State Park.  Though not as well known as nearby Macedonia State Park and certainly not as large, Pond Mountain offers a great place to relax and soak up the serenity you're sure to find. If you're looking for that "get away from it all" place, Pond Mountain definitely falls under that category. Here you will find a large pond nestled in deep forest growth; a place Thoreau would have absolutely loved.  It's a bit out of the way and does not see a lot of trail traffic.

The trail system is straight forward. Park in the grass lot and follow the trail into the woods.  Shortly thereafter, you'll reach the pond which the trail loops around.  (Where the trail initially meets the pond loop there is a side trail a few yards back from where you came.  "Mountain Trail" goes up to the top of the mountain with some really great views west taking in the peaks of the hills/mountains of Macedonia State Park and beyond.)  Hiking into the woods and coming upon the waters of Pound Mountain is a pleasant experience. Each four seasons has its own distinct look and feel. In summer you'll probably want to pack some DEET bug spray just in case (especially true at dusk or dawn when bugs are most active). Your first instinct would be to find a nice spot along the shore, sit back, and watch this peaceful world unfold.  Ducks, birds, turtles, frogs, fish, and an assortment of interesting insects are only apparent to the keen eye.  If you're into capturing the beauty of nature on film or canvas, bring your telephoto lens or painting materials because Pond Mountain might set the scene for some of the best work you'll ever produce.  The water is crystal clear and the way the pond sits within its environment provides perfect lighting conditions. It's also a great spot for certain migratory birds or water fowl that you don't normally see.

If things have been going a little rough for you lately and you just want a quiet place to think, away from people, come here.  Or just grab your favorite book or some lunch and relax for an hour.  The hiking is basic and aside from a short hill you have to ascend and descend the trail is flat and easy on the feet (unless you attempt Mountain Trail which is a short, moderately steep hike for the average day hiker...definitely worth hike if you're not tired).  The trail head at the parking lot has a small sign explaining the various uses of Pond Mountain and asks that you respect the tranquility and cleanliness of the setting.  Sign the visitors log book and jot down your thoughts. You can also read the log before heading in to see if anyone has posted something interesting to check out that you wouldn't think to look for.

Directions: From Route 7 in Kent center, take a left onto Route 341 (it would be a right turn onto 341 if you're traveling north to south on Rt. 7).  You'll be heading west now on Rt. 341 and going passed buildings and athletic fields of the Kent School.  About 1.5 miles from Kent center is the entrance to Macedonia State Park (right side of the road).  Take this right turn onto Macedonia Brook Road. This road winds around to the left and begins to straighten out.  It's here you'll see a sign for Macedonia State Park. Just before the sign is another right hand ...Fuller Mountain Road. Take Fuller Mountain Rd. for about a 1/2 mile.  As the road levels off you'll notice a couple of residential homes on your left. Drive slowly as the entrance to Pond Mountain is easily missed if you're going to fast. The entrance will be on the right side off Fuller Mountain Rd.

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