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Long Trails and "Overnighters" in the Northeast

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Berkshire Hiking is geared towards the day hiker. It's original purpose was to encourage folks who don't normally hike, to get up and out there. But you're the type that wants to disappear for a few days, weeks, months...forever! You think mosquitos are cool, not the ravenous beasts they truly are. Being cold, wet, sweaty, tired, with an occasional "why do I do this!!" outburst, is just part of the fun of backpacking for you. You sleep like a log in places where others break down and cry, or they wake up lookin' goofy because they got a half hour sleep all night while you "slept all night!". Homer Simpson campgrounds are prohibited in your rule book. You need to sleep under a nesting Barred Owl and lock your food in bear safe boxes, waking in pre-dawn mist, excited another 10-15 miles of the unknown lies ahead for you to discover. Here's a list of "long trails" that can be found throughout the Northeast as well as a few throughout all of North America.

"Hmmm...if I could just get 6 months off...15 miles a day times 120 days is 1,700 miles. If I push for 20 miles a day once in awhile and I left Springer Mountain in June...that'll get me to Katadhan well before the first snows of late Fall. (grin comes across the face) Okay...25 a bucks a day times 120 is $3,000...hmmmmm".

  1. The Appalachian Trail outdoors.org (or state-by-state guide)
    Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine (2,174 miles) - You'll walk through the following states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia. If you visit outdoors.org click "Chapters" for one near you.

  2. Mattabesset ? Metacomet ? Monadnock with links to other trail systems for a total 340 miles. New England.
    Metacomet - Monadnock (M-M) Trail
    Connecticut's section (blue trails)
    Monadnock - Sunapee Greenway Trail (MA and NH)
    Sunapee - Ragged - Kearsarge Greenway Coalition

  3. The Long Trail greenmountainclub.org The entire length (north/south) of Vermont, 270 miles.

  4. The Cohos Trail cohostrail.org Northern New Hampshire, 162 miles.

  5. Wapack Trail wapack.org Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire - 184 miles.

  6. The Bay Circuit Trail baycircuit.org Eastern Massachusetts, 150 miles. SOME SMALL SECTIONS NOT LINKED UP. YOU CAN'T THRU-HIKE THE ENTIRE TRAIL

  7. The Long Path nynjtc.org New Jersey and New York, 150 miles. Start out overlooking Manhattan and head for the "Gunks". This trail is an undiscovered gem. Not many have done the entire trail but it's perfect for backpacking.

  8. Lake Placid Trail Lake Placid, New York - 133 miles. This link leads to New York State DEC where you can inquire about the trail. Adirondack Mountain Club has some great info as does this hiker's personal 10-day trail journal.

  9. Finger Lakes?Conservation Trail fingerlakestrail.org Finger Lake region of New York - 563 miles. After the Appalachian Trail, this is the second longest in the Northeast of America. A gorgeous part of New York state and it can be linked up with other trails to create over 850 miles of trail.

  10. The Tuscarora Trail patc.net Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia - 248 miles. An old branch of the Appalachian Trail refurbished and re-opened in 1995.

  11. The Mason-Dixon Trail or www.kta-hike.org/ Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland - 191 miles. Follow along the Susquehanna River but camping is not allowed. It's just for day hiking

  12. The Mid State Trail, 260 miles in Pennsylvania. Call the Mid State Trail Association 410-931-2946 for information

  13. Allegheny Trail 152 mile bicycle and walking trail connecting Cumberland, MD with Pittsburgh, PA, with a 52 mile branch to the Pittsburgh International Airport.

  14. United States of America

  15. American Discovery Trail discoverytrail.org Walk across America, coast-to-coast - 6,800 miles of trail. The only non-motorized trail spanning the USA.

  16. Continental Divide National Scenic Trail Hike along the Rocky Mountains from Canada to Mexico - 3,100 miles.

  17. Bay Area Ridge Trail ridgetrail.org Eventually, a 500 mile trail circling San Francisco Bay. 300 miles are already open.

  18. Ice Age Trail iceagetrail.org 1,000 + miles through Wisconsin.

  19. Tahoe Rim Trail tahoerimtrail.org 150 mile rim around Lake Tahoe. Yes, it's a resort area but it's also happens to be unbelievably spectacular.

  20. Buckeye Trail buckeyetrail.org Walk around Ohio...literally. 1,435 mile trail that goes around Ohio.

  21. Lewis & Clark Historic Trail Verify that Lewis and Clark did indeed find a route to the Pacific Ocean.

  22. Arizona Trail aztrail.org 750 miles of Arizona mountains - from Mexico to Utah.

  23. Pacific Crest Trail (John Muir Trail) pcta.org Some say it's the most beautiful hiking trail in all of America.

  24. California Coastal Trail californiacoastaltrail.org Not yet fully completed but almost 70% of the 1,200 miles of California coast is completed. A young couple in 2004 were the first to do it all.

  25. North Country Trail Association northcountrytrail.org 4,000 miles linking wilderness and communities in the north part of America. 1,500 miles of off-road trail is ready for exploration.

  26. Great Western Trail gwt.org A work in progress but eventually thousands of miles of trail through the Great West from Mexico to Canada.

  27. Sheltowe Trail (Tennessee and Kentucky) - hike where Daniel Boone made his name.

  28. Canada

  29. Canadian Trails canadatrails.ca A great resource for Canada. Listing of long trails that span Canada's vast land expanse.

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