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Directions: Ridgebury to Wilton

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(Ridgbury Road, Routes 116 and 33) - Take exit 1, Saw Mill Road exit, off of I-84 (this is the very first exit in Connecticut at the Connecticut/New York border). Saw Mill Road begins here and go south on Saw Mill Road. Saw Mill Road will become Ridgebury Road in a few miles at the 4-stop sign intersection (you'll see a white colonial style church on one side and a pre-school on the other). Go straight through this intersection staying on Ridgebury Road as it winds through the countryside for the next 3-4 miles (at certain points along Ridgebury Road, you'll come to forks in the road or left/right choices. ALWAYS go right and this will keep you proceeding in the proper direction). Eventually, Ridgebury Road meets Route 116 at Ridgefield High School. Take a left onto 116 and proceed to Ridgefield center. Ridgefield is a great a place to stop and stretch your legs and/or get a bite to eat. When you are ready, take Route 33 south out of Ridgefield as it takes you into Wilton and eventually meets Route 7, a major north/south route in western Connecticut. At this point you have a choice to make in terms of going home. Taking a right onto Route 7 will take you south to Norwalk and the Merritt Parkway or Interstate 95 for easy access back to NYC region or Bridgeport/New Haven area. Taking a left onto Route 7 will take you back up to Danbury and Interstate 84 where your journey began.

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