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Directions: New Milford to Litchfield

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Take Interstate 84 to exit 7 (Brookfield/New Milford exit)  Exit 7 is called the Rt 7 Extension.  Follow this small stretch of highway until it ends.  Take a right onto Rt. 7 north.  Proceed through Brookfield and on up to New Milford.  Where Rt. 7 and 202 meet in New Milford bear right onto the 7/202 route as it goes over the Housatonic River (via a large steel bridge).  You'll soon be upon the town green in New Milford.  Follow the signs for 202 east as you leave New Milford center and head up into the country side.  Just stay on 202 east as it makes its way through New Milford (the largest town in terms of square miles in the state).  202 will pass through the villages of Marbledale, New Preston, and Bantam before taking you to Litchfield.

 For some variety try an alternative route for the ride home.  WARNING: Pay close attention to road signs as it would be easy to miss certain turns along the way.  This route is a winding, twisting, rolling road that can throw people's sense of direction off.  But as long as you pay attention you won't have any problems.  Instead of heading back south on 202 and back to Rt. 7, take Rt. 63 south out of Litchfield as it heads towards Morris, CT.  At the intersection of 63 and Rt. 109, take a right onto 109 south and head towards Washington, CT. (also will say Washington Depot...the same place really)  As you head south on 109 there are a couple of subtle turns that you will miss if you're driving to fast.  Take it slow on 109. If a local person comes up behind you, pull over and let them pass.  Eventually you'll come to Washington center. Stay on 109 south which will end at Rt. 202 in New Milford.  Take a left onto 202 west and you'll be taken back to New Milford center where your journey began.

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