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Directions: Newtown to Southbury

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(Routes 34 and 118) - Take Interstate 84 and get off exit 11 in Newtown, CT (Route 34 exit). At the end of the ramp take a right. You'll drive a few hundred yards and come to a stop sign. Take another right and you'll be heading south on Route 34. Follow 34 as it passes through Newtown and eventually takes you over the Stevenson Dam.

When you pass over the Stevenson Dam, Lake Zoar is the large body of water on your left. At the very end of the Stevenson Dam Route 34 goes right...you will take a LEFT turn here onto the smaller road (Coppermine Road). (For an alternative ride, you could go right after the dam and stay with Route 34 as it passes along the Housatonic River and eventually takes you to the Yale University sports complex/Yale Bowl area. This route is much more congested due to heavy traffic but it will take you on a nice river ride through some old industrial blue-collar towns that's interesting in its own right).

But if you stick with our suggested route and take a left after the dam just stay on Coppermine Road as it twists and turns through the countryside (GO SLOW along this patch of road until Route 118 as this road can be dangerous if you not familiar with the sharp turns and narrow passages). Coppermine Road becomes Bowers Hill Road which then turns into O'Neil Road and eventually winds it's way to Route 118. If at anytime you are presented with a left/right decision and feel confused, always go RIGHT. Keep in mind that Route 118 runs parallel to the Coppermine, Bowers Hill and O'Neil road passage so even if you think you've taken a wrong turn, as long as your "wrong" turn was a RIGHT hand turn, you'll wind up on Route 118 no matter what.

When you reach Route 118 take a left heading towards Southbury. This will take you directly to Southbury and Interstate 84, five exits up from where you began at exit 11 in Newtown.uld then take Route 33 south out of Ridgefield which will lead you back to the Merritt Parkway.

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