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Directions: Cornwall to Lakeville

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Take Rt. 7 north and go through New Milford, Kent and into Cornwall.  Rt. 7 and Rt. 4 meet in Cornwall.  Take a left onto Rt. 4 as 4 goes straight up a hill and 7 bears to the right.  You'll proceed on Rt. 4 as it steeply rises into the countryside of northwestern Connecticut.  After a few miles Sharon Audubon will be on your left and you'll soon begin descending into Sharon.  At Sharon center, take a right onto Rt. 41 north.  Follow 41 north as it takes you through Sharon and eventually to Lakeville. At Lakeville Route 41 meets with Route 44. You can take a left onto 44 and head over into New York state and eventually meet with Route 22 or Taconic Parkway and head back down towards NYC. You can go right onto Route 44 and visit Salisbury or drive into Massachusetts for a bit.

But if you've head enough just turn around and head south again on 41 and back where you came from.  On your way back home on Route 41 take Rt. 112 as you leave Lakeville (a left hand turn off Rt. 41 south).  Follow the signs for Lime Rock which is a small racetrack for high performance vehicles nestled in the beautiful hills and renowned for its world class drivers.  Proceed on 112 until it meetes with Route 7.  Take a right onto 7 and head south towards the covered bridge in Cornwall.  Stay on Route 7 all the way back to Cornwall and eventually on into Kent/New Milford area from where your trip began.

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