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Directions: Candlewood Lake

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(Candlewood Lake Road, Routes 7, 37, and 39) - Get a glimpse of New England's largest man-made lake and its surrounding country side. Take exit 7 off of Interstate 84 (Brookfield/ New Milford exit). A short distance later will be the Federal Road/Brookfield exit (same exit for Stew Leanord's) and at the end of the ramp take a left. Go straight through all traffic lights, intersections, and shopping centers and you will be on Candlewood Lake Road. (The main road you cross in this congested area is Route 7/202 and also known as Federal Road. Head up the hill on Candlewood Lake Road and in a few miles you'll come upon the shoreline of Candlewood Lake.

(Warning:  For the next 5 to 7 miles Candlewood Lake Road will take you through a very scenic stretch of road but it also happens to be a densely populated residential area. There are numerous homes where the road cuts between these houses and their lakefront property. GO SLOW through this long stretch of road as there are families, kids, beach-goers, family pets, etc. crossing back and forth along Candlewood Lake Road. If you're going faster than 35 miles per hour, you're speeding. Please respect these residents by passing through cautiously. If you see a nice view, pull over and put your hazards on and take it in (if your cautious driving means that other drivers pull right up behind you and you feel pressured, pull over and let them pass). Again, I ask that you go slowly through this stretch of road...watch for little kids darting back and from beaches to houses!!!! Thanks very much!

Candlewood Lake Road eventually ends where it meets Route 7/202. Take a left onto Route 7/202 and head up to New Milford, CT. As you approach the center of New Milford, Routes 7 and 202 will split off from each other. Route 202 will go off to the right and over the large steel bridge and into the village center of New Milford (this is a good place to stretch your legs or get something to eat before continuing the drive). But you'll want to stay on Route 7 north as it heads out of the center of New Milford. A few miles up Route 7 will be Route 37. Take a left onto Route 37 and follow the signs for Sherman. Route 37 will take you to the town of Sherman. As you pass through Sherman you'll come to the intersection of Routes 37 and 39. There will be a fork in the road and you'll want to go left and onto Route 39 (you'll eventually meet up again with Route 37 but 39 is the more scenic lake route). You're now on the west coastline of Candlewood Lake. Follow Route 39 as it passes by the lake, Squantz Pond, and into New Fairfield. In New Fairfield center, Route 39 meets Route 37 again. Take a left onto 37 heading south. This will take you back to Danbury (past the Federal Correction Institute where many a white collar criminal such as G. Gordon Liddy and Reverand Moon served time). Route 37 will take you directly back to Interstate 84.

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