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Directions: Brookfield Center to Woodbury

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Take Interstate 84 east out of Danbury, CT.  Proceed to and take exit 9, this is the Brookfield/Hawleyville exit.  At the end of the ramp take a left onto Route 25 north.  Take Rt. 25 as it goes up a steep hill and onto Brookfield Center a few miles later.  Take a right at Brookfield Center onto Route 133. (if St. Joseph's Church is on your right and the Brookfield fire station is on your left...you're heading the right way)  Follow 133 as it goes through the towns of Brookfield and Bridgewater.  When Rt. 133 meets Rt. 67, take a right onto 67 as it proceeds towards Roxbury.  Stay on 67 as it winds through the countryside and heads towards Roxbury center.  Rt. 67 meets up with Rt. 317 in Roxbury.  Take a left. (about 100 yards later, Rt. 67 quickly turns to the right and onto Southbury so just go a little slow here and do not follow 67 to Southbury if you intend to go to Woodbury.)  Stay straight on 317 as it goes up a steep hill.  Rt. 317 is a rolling, meandering road that eventually spills out into Woodbury at Rt. 6.  Take a right onto Rt. 6 to get back to Interstate 84.

Directions: Woodbury to Brookfield Center
Take Interstate 84 west out of Waterbury, CT region.  Proceed to and take exit 15, this is the Southbury exit.  At the end of the ramp take a right onto Route 6.  Follow Rt. 6 through Southbury and into Woodbury.  Look for Rt. 317 as you enter the town center of Woodbury with its old historic buildings.  Take a left onto 317 and proceed to Roxbury where you go right onto 67.  Rt. 67 takes you through Roxbury and into Bridgewater.  At the intersection of 67 and 133 take a left onto 133 and proceed to Brookfield Center.  At the intersection of 133 and 25 take a left onto Rt. 25 south and proceed to Interstate 84.

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