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Orenaug Park in Woodbury CT allows a hiker the unique opportunity to combine natural beauty with historic scenery.  The trail system at Orenaug Park is simple but offers a nice mixture of woodlands, rocky ledges, ponds, and overviews.  Although not officially part of the trail system, a hiker can easily incorporate some of Main Street and create a nice trail loop.  The entrance to Orenaug Park can be found in the upper most parking lot of the group of buildings that make up the town municipalities…behind the library and police station.  Take a few minutes to learn the trail system and head up into the woods.  Most people hike up to the fire tower observation for some nice views of the surrounding valley.  The tower is enclosed with mesh wiring but it's important to pay attention as one slip on the steep staircase could result in a serious fall.  (And also beware of broken glass at the base of the tower.)

On your way back from the tower you can check out the yellow trail that goes farther into the woods and loops around.  You can also hike along the ridge top and enjoy rocky overviews along this part of the trail.  If you keep going along the ridge you eventually start to head downhill to a road.  Take a right onto the road and follow it back to Main Street.  As you walk along this side road you'll see a neat little pond and some short cliffs that are popular with local rock climbers.  The pond is public property even though it appears to be part of a residence.  Have a seat on the park bench and soak in the nice scene then head on to Main Street.  Take a right on to Main Street and visit the Civil War memorial (just keep a close on any children as the memorial is right next to the main road).  The memorial salutes local residents who joined the Union Army to keep America united.  As you make your way back to Woodbury Library parking lot, notice all the antique shops along the way.  The shops are world famous and many of the houses are historic landmarks (You'd be hard pressed to see more antique shops per square mile anywhere else in New England).  Orenaug Park is a perfect outing if you wanted to get some fresh air but wanted quick access to a town center.  And it's a great place for a family or group hiking.

Directions: The easiest way to get to Orenaug Park is get on I -84 and take exit 15.  At end of the ramp take Rt. 6 east heading towards Woodbury Center (just follow the signs for Woodbury).  Go through Southbury and into Woodbury.  At the intersection of Rt. 6 and Rt. 302 is Woodbury Library.  Turn into the library lot and follow the driveway all the way to the upper lot above the police station where you will see the large wooden trail sign for Orenaug Park.

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