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Mohawk State Forest located off Rt. 4 in Cornwall is one of the state's largest parks. Mohawk State Forest offer hikers a 30 mile trail system. The trails traverse open fields, through deep forests, and up steep mountain sides. The views from Mohawk Mt. are spectacular. Mohawk State Forest is extremely well maintained and is visited by tens of thousands of people each year. It's also a popular destination for rock climbers, and amateur scientists who love to absorb the diverse ecosystem and natural settings. (In the wintertime, Mohawk has designated areas for cross country skiing and snowmobiling.) Though it may seem like Mohawk would be crowded with a lot of people it's not really like that most of the time. The park is big enough that you can always find a quiet section to explore and 90% of the people who visit don't venture far from their cars. In fact, most people like to park at a scenic overlook or picnic area.

The road system, park benches and picnic areas make Mohawk the perfect destination for those who might have limited mobility but would love to have access remote areas. But if you're the type that likes to get a workout while "getting away from it all", the trail system is loaded with possibilities. It's best for anyone visiting the park to check the maps at the main parking lot or follow the signs to the ranger's station for updated trail information. Whether you are training for a triathlon or would like to pull your car up to a spectacular vista, Mohawk State Forest is a top 5 spot for sure.

Warning: I was at Mohawk State Forest in September of 2001. While there I noticed a West Nile Virus warning posted throughout the park. I don't know the full extent of the flu warning but it should be obvious that anyone visiting the park should take the time to read the warnings and protect yourself from possible infection. Visit the ranger's station for updated and accurate information. The elderly and small children are at greatest risk. It's wise to keep these folks away until the park can guarantee the situation is back to normal. Call the rangers station to get the latest information. I stayed away from the swampy areas where the mosquitoes would be in larger numbers and stuck to the trails that took me through the forest and up to the top of Mohawk Mt.

Directions: If you're coming from the western part of Connecticut, the easiest way to get to Mohawk State Forest would be to take Route 7 to where it meets Route 4 in Cornwall.  (If you're coming from the eastern or middle part, take Route 4 west out of Torrington and follow the signs for Mohawk State Forest.)  At the intersection where Rt 7 and 4 meet take Rt 4 East in the Torrington direction.  Continue on Rt. 4 following the signs for Mohawk Mountain State Reservation. Don't be confused when you see a sign for Mohawk Mountain Ski Resort. It's different than the state park.
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